Python Wrangler

Clean up all those Pythons crawling around your computer.

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Python Wrangler helps you install Python in a nice, pleasant, perfect way. Already installed it? Four times? Eighteen times? No problem, Python Wrangler can also help you understand, organize, and remove the Python installations hiding on your computer.

It’s highly opinionated, so you don’t need to think too hard: just do what Python Wrangler says and you’ll end up with a nice setup. Have opinions of your own? No worries, just use the data it gives you to clean up your system according to your own best practices.

General opinions it may possess:

  • If you’re using Python 2 we need to have an Important Talk. Python 3 or bust!
  • You’ll use pipenv for virtual environments
  • You’ll use pyenv to juggle Python versions (OS X)
  • It’s okay to have a few random Pythons installed that you don’t actively use, and it might even be useful
  • Anaconda is a pain unless you only work with people who use Anaconda and never want to break outside of its tall, barbed walls.

Once you’re installed everything with Python Wrangler you might want to read notes on how to use your cool new system

Highly opinionated

Instead of giving you a million options, we just tell you the One True Way to do things. Just trust us! ...or don't, if you have your own opinions.

Detailed data

At-a-glance displays on your Python installations, including versions, paths, and packages

Follow-up guide

Once we tell you how to install things, we also provide you with a handy how-to guide so you know how to perform common tasks.

Open source

Want adjustments or new features? You have the power.

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