Little Geocoder

Easily convert US street addresses to latitude/longitude.

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Little Geocoder is a tiny tool that you can use to convert data from United States street addresses to geocoded latitude/longitude pairs. Gazillions of addresses, for free.

It was built on top of the Los Angeles Times’ python-censusbatchgeocoder, that in turn uses the US Census Bureau’s Geocoding Service. They both were really helpful to geocode addresses in the US, but you shouldn’t need to know Python to get that kind of stuff to work! So, Little Geocoder was born.

Runs on your computer

It's just a program - no need to write code or fiddle with websites (it does need to talk to the internet, though)

No geocoding limits

At least I don't think so. It uses the Census Bureau's Geocoding Service which doesn't seem to mind a lot of requests.

Performs common data transformations

Easily separate full addresses into street, city and zip code

CSV file support

No Excel yet, but you can always save your Excel sheet as a CSV if you're living in Fancy Town. Support for non-comma delimiters and Excel are on the way!

Totally free

Ths program's free. The geocoding's free. Everything's free!

Open source

Want adjustments or new features? You have the power.

Download for OS X Download for Windows
View source on GitHub