Point-and-click editing for your $PATH variable on OS X.

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Pathwinder allows you to view and edit your $PATH on OS X without going through the trouble of opening up your ~/.bash_profile, digging through config files, or even opening up Terminal.

Remove items from your $PATH by unchecking a box, or add new ones by clicking a button. It’s just that easy. Automatic backups, too, in case you make a mistake.

Skip the command-line editor

Yeah, I'll admit it, I like using a graphical interface more than nano or vi. What now!

Check your default PATH with ease

No more squinting at rows of $HOME and slashes and picking apart colon-separated strings. It's just a list! With checkboxes!

One-click path removal

Don't want something in your PATH any more? Click a button and it's gone! Well, technically it's uncheck a checkbox and then click a button - but close enough.

Easy access to ~/.bash_profile

One-button access to edit your raw profile if you need to do anything especially fancy.

Non-destructive edits

Made a mistake? Don't worry, Pathwinder edits are simple to reverse.

Open source

Want adjustments or new features? You have the power.

Download for OS X
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